Open Radar

November 15, 2008

On a couple of occasions I’ve been frustrated that I couldn’t search the Apple bug database for problems that I was having or for the status of issues that others have filed – even when my own submissions have been marked as their duplicates.

I have heard that the bug database is closed because it contains customer-sensitive information. OK, but if there were a way for me check a box to allow public disclosure of my submissions, I’d almost always be willing to do that.

This weekend Dave Dribin suggested on Twitter that he’d like to build an open database of Radars, something like a wiki that we could use as a community-fed opt-in system. After exchanging some messages with Dave and Joachim Bengtsson, I put together a simple demo app running on Google App Engine.


The correspondence of Nu and Objective-C

March 24, 2008

Here’s a small example that implements the same method in Nu and in Objective-C. In this case, we’ll look at the method that allows us to index arrays with integers, which lets us do things like this:

[Oxygen:~/Desktop/Repositories/Nu] tim% nush
Nu Shell.
% (set a (array 'x 'y 'z))
% (a 1)