Open Radar

On a couple of occasions I’ve been frustrated that I couldn’t search the Apple bug database for problems that I was having or for the status of issues that others have filed – even when my own submissions have been marked as their duplicates.

I have heard that the bug database is closed because it contains customer-sensitive information. OK, but if there were a way for me check a box to allow public disclosure of my submissions, I’d almost always be willing to do that.

This weekend Dave Dribin suggested on Twitter that he’d like to build an open database of Radars, something like a wiki that we could use as a community-fed opt-in system. After exchanging some messages with Dave and Joachim Bengtsson, I put together a simple demo app running on Google App Engine.

Here it is, Open Radar.

It’s basic but enough to get us started. I’ve put the code on github, and I am completely open to suggestion about this. If you think it’s valuable, please start using it and we’ll add whatever missing features we need.

Also, to make it easy to get data out of this, there’s an api that you can use to get a JSON dump of the entire store:

That will be good until we get up to 1000 radars.

If you have comments or ideas, please add them to the openradar wiki on github.

I’ve actually had this as an idea for a while now. Thanks for implementing it! Do you think it’d be useful for us to log duplicate radars? I have a bunch that have just been marked as Duplicate/XXX…

Robert Sesek — November 16, 2008

Yes, please log your duplicates. That lets others know about the problems that you’ve experienced and might lead to better ideas for workarounds or solutions. Thanks!

Tim Burks — November 16, 2008

Should we create tickets in Lighthouse for feature requests and whatnot?

I’d like to say… I’d been kicking around the idea of a ‘Public Radar mirror’ for a few months now, but never got around to starting the project; I’m really glad you have, because if I’d done it, it would likely have floundered quick rapidly as I discovered I had no time to maintain it :)

Mo — November 16, 2008

Mo, yes, please add tickets in Lighthouse. (Thanks – I see you’ve already started!)I’ve put all the source on github out of the same concern as yours; this definitely calls for a community effort.

Tim Burks — November 16, 2008

Thanks for doing this! I’ve also had this idea kicking around in my head but never got around to doing it.

Now that I know that people outside of apple are going to benefit from this, I’m going to be more motivated to submit new bugs to radar. Hopefully people will start emailing bug reporters with solutions they’ve found… Maybe each Open Radar should have a comment thread or link to a forum?

Mike Akers — November 16, 2008