It's been a long time since I stopped blogging and much has changed since then. I've kept up by posting a lot on Twitter, but this seems to be a good year to start going into a little more depth.

In January I stopped contracting and joined Google. I had been developing iOS apps since 2008, but now I work on the Google Cloud Platform team.

I'm the second person in my immediate family to work at Google; last August, my son Michael joined an iOS team and helped build GBoard, an alternative keyboard for iOS that has Google search and other features built-in.

One of the reasons that I went to Google was that I'd become a big fan of App Engine, the Google Cloud Platform, and Go. So after being recruited and interviewed as an iOS developer, I asked around and found a position in the API Services Platform Team, where I'm helping build Google's internal and external API services, particularly for mobile developers. One of my projects has been to write sample iOS apps that use Google APIs and cloud services. I'm also getting acquainted with gRPC. Beyond (but including) Google, I'm involved with the OpenAPI Initiative, and I continue to organize meetups.

There will be more to say about that and other things, and keeping a blog will spare my Twitter followers from at least a few tweetstorms.

As you might guess, this website is running on Google App Engine using a custom service that I've written in Go.