Adding a custom domain to a Google App Engine app

After following the Indieweb movement from afar, I've decided to jump in, register, and point it to this site.

I registered my new domain with GoDaddy, and it was easy to point it to App Engine. I started here, in the official App Engine docs.

It was a fairly simple three-step process:

  1. First I confirmed to Google that I actually owned my domain. In the past, I've done this by manually adding TXT records to my domain configuration, but now Google and GoDaddy offer a smooth nearly-one-click process that allowed me to select GoDaddy as my registrar, then log in directly to GoDaddy and give Google the ability to add the TXT record directly, which it then verified automatically. (Later when I checked my DNS settings in GoDaddy, I saw that there was a new TXT record there with value google-site-verification=hzyjME....)
  2. Next I confirmed to Google that I wanted to use my domain to my App Engine app. This was a simple click in a form that was easy to find.
  3. Finally I had to go to the GoDaddy domain configuration page and add A and AAAA records to point my domain at Google's servers. The only thing that wasn't obvious here was that I needed to put an @ in the "name" field for each new record. That's to associate the records with my "root" domain,
And now here we are!