I'll be cohosting an OpenAPI Meetup at Google on June 16

Next Thursday evening I’ll be cohosting a new meetup about the OpenAPI Initiative. This will be the second local OpenAPI meetup and the first one in the South Bay.

What is OpenAPI and why is it interesting?

You’ve probably noticed that there are LOTS of APIs out there. Google alone has hundreds - some of them are listed in the Google API Explorer.

A few years ago, some people noticed that these APIs had much in common but they were all being created, documented, and used in custom ways with a lot of repetitive hand-written code.

The OpenAPI Initiative started as “Swagger”, an API-description format that could be used to generate documentation, tests, client libraries, and server-side code and generally simplify the process of making and using REST APIs.

As an API user, I thought this was a great idea.

Last year Tony Tam and the other creators of Swagger donated it to the Linux Foundation to form the OpenAPI Initiative, which now includes over a dozen companies of all sizes that create, use, and help people work with APIs.

Read more about the OpenAPI Initiative at the OpenAPI website.

What can we do with OpenAPI?

Companies are beginning to publish OpenAPI-format descriptions of their APIs, and several different groups are writing code generators that create client libraries for these APIs. These tools are often open source, and swagger-codegen is a great example that supports dozens of languages and platforms - including Objective-C and Swift.

At the meetup we’ll be talking about work that we’ve been doing at Google to use OpenAPI to describe and build Google’s APIs, and we’ll hear an engineer from Samsung on their ideas for using OpenAPI with IoT products.

So if you can get to the South Bay next Thursday and want to get more leverage with APIs, come join us!