Doctor Derm

Answer your questions and disturb your friends with this portable pictorial guide to dermatology.

"The Dermatologist in Your Pocket", Doctor Derm is a portable guide to dermatology. Created by a board certified dermatologist, this guide is written to be understood by the general public. It is complete in its descriptions and treatments which can be used by medical professionals of all types.


  • 240 Dermatologic diseases with detailed descriptions and treatments, all written in easy to understand language.
  • 40 drugs and treatments described.
  • Over 440 high quality photographs.
  • Extensive glossary of dermatologic terminology.
  • Find an Osteopathic Dermatologist in your area.

Doctor Derm is a project of the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology and is provided free as an educational service.

Download Doctor Derm from the iTunes App Store.