Mobile Iron

MobileIron helps organizations of all sizes deal with the explosion of mobile devices on their networks. In 2009, Radtastical helped this startup get started on iOS.

MobileIron is one of the leading providers of Mobile Device Management solutions. Quoting the MobileIron web site:

MobileIron's Virtual Smartphone Platform supports both corporate-liable and individual-liable devices, offering true multi-OS management across all of the leading mobile OS platforms including Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, webOS, and Windows Phone.

MobileIron was founded in 2007, well before the iOS steamroller entered the consumer and enterprise markets. Its early emphasis was on Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile, and in late 2008 MobileIron reached out for help to prepare for iOS. Tim built the first MobileIron iOS app and helped MobileIron develop its overall iOS solution, which has led to stunning growth and adoption. In subsequent years, Tim continued to be involved with MobileIron, building the user interface for the MobileIron Sentry iPad app, the first IT app for the iPad, and providing advice and implementation for several soon-to-be released products.

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